Shanghai Wind Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Shanghai Wind Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd supply motor automation solution for global motor manufacturers. Setted up in the year 2010 by Senior Engineer Mr.Wang who involve in electric motor filed since 1998. Through continuous innovation and participating in globalization, it has now developed into a large enterprise that integrates R&D, production and sales to provide motor solutions for customers worldwide.

          • Company Name:
          • Shanghai Wind Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd
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          • Main Products:
          • Stator Winding Machine,Needle Winding Machine,Coil Winding Machine,Armature Winding Machine ,Commutator Fusing Machine,Commutator Turning Machine,Powder Coating Machine,Slot Insulation Machine
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          • 609#, Building B, No. 2699,Youyi Road, Baoshan District,201900 Shanghai
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          • 201900
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          • Cora Shen
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          • Sales Assistant
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          • 86-21-58992293
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